Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tell me where it is before I lose patience with you, Francis.

So, this morning I watched 24 minutes of "Teen Wolf Too". This is not a good movie by anyone's standards, but I thought that since I reference it all of the time, and since it's on, I might as well give it a try. Jason Bateman is a favorite, but I have to say, the only thing that is believable about this movie is the casting of Jason as Michael J. Fox's cousin. (Especially since Jason Bateman's sister Justine played MJF's sister on Family Ties.) Anyway, there was a guy I recognized in the movie. And it was really bothering that I couldn't place him. I thought, he has a sort of "Stillwell Angel" quality, but that's not it. (I was wrong, he played the adult Stillwell in A League of Their Own). After IMDBing him, I immediately knew where I recognized him from. And I couldn't wait to see if someone had posted it on youtube.

His name is Mark Holton. Now you know, if he ever happens to come up in a trivia situation.


deanna said...

Um...that clip was ridiculous, but I couldn't stop watching it. Thank you.

whitney allison said...

You're silly.

Shlee said...

this clip actually makes me want to watch the movie again....sadly.