Friday, November 14, 2008

Mind The Gap.

Gap ads have always been extremely enjoyable for me. Remember The whole Khaki campaign from the late 90s? (remember Khakis Swing, and how they capitalized on the Matrix' popularity by using the Bullet time effect? Genius!) The "everybody in ________" with Rashida Jones and a posse of other young good looking kids singing cover songs (the best one is Everybody in Vests, ok, maybe Everybody in Leather)? Also from the late 90s, remember the Aerosmith, Lena Horne, or Junior Brown ads? Pretty memorable. Oh, and the Sarah Jessica Parker/Lenny Kravitz ad? That made me want to shop at Gap!

I didn't love the Madge & Missy Elliot, or the Orlando Bloom/Kate Beckinsale commercials. I also didn't love seeing Lucy Liu and John Mayer EVERY where in NYC last year, that was obnoxious times five. But the Spike Jonze ad more than made up for those. Not to mention my favorite, the Audrey Hepburn- Back in Black ad. That was a synergistic meeting that was just waiting to happen.

This holiday season, I am absolutely enchanted by both the print ads and the amazing commercials the Gap crew put together. Not only are Jason and Francesca Bateman so so cute,

but they got Don Draper, aka Jon Hamm, to be non-Don Draper-esque. He's not hiding secrets and disappearing for weeks at a time, he is selling a sweater, and gleeful about it!

Oh, and I should probably tell you to click here and watch Selma Blair flirt with Dwight. Just when I was having a hard time getting in to the season, Flo Rida and Gap are here with fun Christmas carols and striped sweaters I'll never buy, and all of a sudden, I'm filled with anticipation and gift ideas.

And thanks to Patrick Robinson, the clothes have become steadily cuter. It's not my favorite store, but good job, team!

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Britt said...

i love the topics you decide to blog about! i never would have seen the Batemans, and they're so cute :)