Monday, September 8, 2008


This morning my brother and I were traveling through the streets of Portland at a time when most people are contributing to society and the economy by working. My brother was telling me about a time he saw a woman start to jaywalk, making a young woman in her car screech to a halt. As the jaywalking woman got to the stopped car, she put her purse on the hood of the stopped car and started rifling through it. My brother said that the woman in the car was confused and frustrated and probably fearing for her life, while all of the cars behind her were honking with road rage. The jaywalker then screamed, "Hold on a minute!" and continued searching through her bag. As my brother revealed that the woman finally pulled out a lipstick or something equally anti-climactic, I almost choked on my apple, because right in front of us was a man jaywalking against traffic. He looked dazed and completely out of it as he crossed in front of the car next to me, while we were all very anxious to take advantage of the green light. All of a sudden, a delivery van zoomed by me in the other lane, coming fast in dazed guy's direction. As the van passed within inches of the jaywalker, he jumped back, startled, and then returned to his snail-like, drug-induced state crossing the street not knowing he was inconveniencing dozens of people in the intersection.


Britt said...

jaywalkers in dc are usually pretty lazy. i was watching this guy the other day who just refused to walk faster than a snail, so he was crossing one lane of traffic at a time (probably 6 lanes total). by the time he was done, the rest of us law-abiding citizens got a walk signal, and we ended up right behind him.

deanna said...

in Czech cars stop for pedestrians, sometimes almost causing accidents. Courtesy should only go so far in my opinion.