Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Have You Heard: Sleeping at Last

 Utterly charming:

This is officially the first time I have heard this song and not wanted to punch someone in the esophagus, which I feel is quite a feat. Well done Ryan O'Neal*

*Not to be confused with this Ryan O'Neal


Shara said...

So many thoughts to share! (classic overly verbose Shara :) )

1. Yay summer! And more blog posts!

2. Knowing Becky has a bit going on lately and might be behind on her reading of your blog, I've decided to be offended on her behalf for all the times you've wanted to punch her in the esophagus....so much for karaokeing The Proclaimers :).

3. Lest you catch me on Spotify....Sleeping At Last is officially my playlist for the afternoon. Who wouldn't LOVE a good 80's cover?! Not this girl. Thanks friend!!

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