Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lies I Told Today.

One of the things that I find so exhausting about being in a school environment is the hundreds of interactions I have in 7.5 hours.  Sometimes in order to make some of those interactions less awkward or as short as politeness will allow, I lie. Also, to inspire and/or relate to students I lie. Sometimes it absolutely is necessary. Even though I know I am not 'supposed' to, I told some lies today.

8:30 am- Nice to see you too!

10:00 am- That's so cool!

12:00 pm- Nice to see you too, but I've got to run.

1:00 pm- Boys like girls who are good at math.

1:30 pm- That sounds like a good plan.

2:30 pm- No judgement, but...

And chances are pretty good that I'll repeat more than one of these tomorrow.

1 comment:

Melinda said...

I think you're 10am lie has become my default reply when I'm in a hurry and a kid talks to me. They could be like, "Hey, I'm going to stalk this girl." and I'm like "Oh, um ,yeah that's cool!"