Saturday, May 8, 2010

what what, I'm in Lusaka!

Lusaka, Zambia might be the craziest place I've ever been. But mostly it's the transportation. We rode "transport" i.e. the public bus, i.e. an old, malfunctioning Toyota van, into town, and they shoved 22 people including the driver into a mini van. It was close quarters, let me tell you. When we got to the bus station, it was complete chaos, everyone was trying to accomplish the same goal in the same space and didn't yield to anyone else. From there we got a taxi back to the house we're staying at for the weekend, and it is just craziness. We've been to two bus stations here that are the only places I've felt unsafe in Africa thus far - being white, we are bombarded by people trying to get us to give them money.
We are staying with my dear and wonderful friend Heather, who started the school, and we've been able to go out to the school, and will go back Monday and Tuesday, and it is an amazing, amazing experience. Heather initially started the school for the 15 kids in the orphanage, and it has exploded to 60 kids, and they have to turn away kids because they don't have the classroom space in their converted chicken coop school. It is such an experience! Considering the internet is super slow, and we are accessing it only because the LDS church here has wifi, I should run, but will try to check in again soon.
Kisses and misses!


Melinda said...

I hope you're taking lots of pictures! I'm excited to see some when your trip is over!

exclusive_remedy said...

I also am excited to see all your pics and hear about all your adventures when you return. Hope the rest of the trip continues to be awesome!

deanna said...

don't get bit by a monkey or zebra or anything