Thursday, May 13, 2010


I was told by multiple people that CDG was a horrible and confusing airport, and I have no idea why. I was a little confused how to get from one gate to the next, but I asked for help in broken French and got very clear and polite instructions on how to proceed. Then after going through security I saw Dior, Hermes, and Prada stores!!! Who can complain about that? I spent a lot of time in Hermes just dreaming- shocking how I felt much more at home in a store I'll never be able to afford than in the entire country of Zambia. Haha. Then they had a little Ladurée filled with beautifully colorful and overpriced macarons. If they offered free wifi I might think this was the greatest airport ever.

Analee took off for Portland and I am heading for London in an hour. I did not miss the irony of traveling from super poor Zambia to the most expensive city in the world. I am super excited! I am meeting Becky for a long weekend, and I'm pretty sure she's already got plans for us tonight! I'll have to take a disco nap on my flight to heathrow after my exhausting red eye from jo'burg. (remember when I was 40 years too young to use the phrase "disco nap?")

One of my goals is to set up mobile blogging from my phone so that I can post some pictures, because these wordy things are boring! Hope you kids are having fun!


julianne rose said...

NOT boring! but pictures would of course be radical. and after niger ali and i had a layover in the casablanca airport and i bought a new dress and skirt at zara. not too too expensive, but it was all super absurd. oh! and the first time i was in africa - in mozambique, i went straight to a summer programme in cambridge, UK afterwards for 2 months. super bizarre - i was in london for a bit, just like you, and went to fortnum and masons and actually cried in the middle of the store. anyway, it's all madness! SO HAPPY YOU HAD SO MUCH FUN though. SERIOUSLY SO HAPPY. and CANNOT wait to skype when you've returned. LOVE YOU.

lulu123 said...

i CANNOT wait to see all your pictures. emphasize the CANNOT.