Sunday, April 18, 2010

the power of positive thinking.

Ok, friends, I need you to rally together and think happy, positive thoughts about the whole volcano ending so that the airspace over Europe can clear up enough to let flights in and out. If it doesn't, my fun month long jaunt to Africa and London is I've been thinkin' and prayin' and wishin' and hopin' for myself and for all of our friends stranded at airports all over. Please, please join me!!


deanna said...

me too. Gotta make it there for the summer.
I've been rubbing the feet of rabbits, throwing pennies in fountains, throwing horse shoes, chasing rainbows, blowing out birthday candles, wishing on twinkling stars, and searching the grass for clovers. PLEASE Please.

Peppermint Patty said...

I'm throwin good vibes your way! My brother's flight got delayed yesterday(he's coming back from a 2 week jaunt in Cambodia). Looks like the volcano's effected Asia as well! Good luck! Your trip sounds wonderful and I am jealous!!!

Britt said...

aw i just know you'll make it molly! happy, happy thoughts coming your way!

Shlee said...

Or alternatively, you can start

camilyn said...


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