Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hello from Durban

Just a quick hello, we are on our way to the beach, my first time seeing the Indian Ocean, so crazy! I must say, the people of South Africa are among the kindest and friendliest I have ever experienced! Africa: I am a fan!!!


Britt said...

YAY! So glad you made it! Stay safe, have fun, TAKE PICTURES!

julianne rose said...

so happy the volcano didn't kill your trip and you are there safe and sound. huzzah huzzah! have you been to zambia yet? continue to update please!

sara said...

five things:
1. so happy your trip is happening!
2. i was listening to the best mix today
3. and wanted to thank you
4. good thing i didn't- you were "busy" with the indian ocean (isn't is beautiful?)
5. can't wait to see you

deanna said...

My favorite line from Mean Girls:
If you're from Africa....why are you white?!

Shlee said...

glad you made it safely!

lulu123 said...

shut up. this is amazing.