Thursday, January 1, 2009

TAG! You're it.

I've succumbed.

10 very random facts about myself

1. I have never successfully completed a Rubik's Cube, though I have tried more than once.
2. My initial obsession with French New Wave was sparked by my fascination with Anna Karina, then came my complete adoration of the movement.

3. I still subscribe to TeenVogue.
4. I detest dried flowers and always have fresh flowers in my room.
5. I pride myself in making good mix cds, but secretly don't really care if other people don't appreciate them.

6. I am obsessed with all things black and winter white.
7. I feel performance anxiety when attempting to parallel park with others in my car, but I can do it remarkably well when I am alone.
8. I love watching Lacrosse, but every time I've attempted to play I've gotten hit in the head with the ball.
9. I collect typewriters and old film and still cameras. (And consequently felt like a tool when I read the December Urban Outfitters' catalog)
10. I am becoming more of who I want to be every day.

(if you want to play along on your blog, consider yourself tagged!)


julianne rose said...

i like you lots and lots.

Analee said...

I can personally vouch that number 7 is, in fact, 100% true. Actually, Molly has driving performance anxiety whenever she is with me in the car. ALWAYS!