Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So many things.

Sometimes Netflix and I have miscommunications. Mostly, they think I will love movies that I end up hating, like Le Cercle Rouge. This time, it was my fault, I asked for movies without looking at the dates. Instead of the charming Colin Firth/Rupert Everett Importance of Being Earnest, I asked for the 1952 version with 44 year old Vanessa Redgrave's father playing the 29 year old Jack. LAME. And, instead of the Ethan Hawke version of Hamlet I've never seen, I received a 1960 version made for German tv.

This was hardcore awful.

After I watched half an hour I could handle no more. Then, Jooj sent me an email with this little beauty also from German TV past, but the absolute antithesis to the dreary Hamlet. German TV -- so multi-faceted.

All I have to say, is THOSE CRAZY GERMANS!

Then today, while I was at work, I saw a little segment on Telemundo about different traditions for celebrating the New Year. Not being a Spanish speaker myself, I only caught every third word or so, but I am very sure that I lost nothing in translation. First, if you are hoping to travel in the new year, you're supposed to take your luggage for a walk around the block. Ok, this seems a little out there, but not super illogical. But my favorite anecdote: if you're hoping to find love in the coming year, you need to get a coconut, paint it pink and white and then kick it around your house for twenty days. On the twenty first day, you take your painted coconut to your front doorstep and throw it on the ground to break it up.

I'm just wondering where to find a coconut at this time of year.


julianne rose said...

omg i would have loved to see that german tv hamlet, just for fun's sake. but then again maybe it would've been too painful...

on the other hand, we can always rely on germans for dancing soccer fashion shows. as toni said, it's the most absurdly funny video ever. yes indeed those crazy germans.

Britt said...

we've had a few netflix mishaps, but we seem to keep coming back for more. joe gets really mad when i don't know EXACTLY what movie is next in my queue, or if i haven't REALLY researched it, or whatever. i understand he is just trying to protect me, but come on.

this comment really isn't going anywhere, so i'll stop now. KISSES!