Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jason & Silver's Wedding

I went to a wedding a couple of weeks ago, of two musicians and promptly decided that I need to befriend musicians solely based on the entertainment at the wedding. Jason & Silver are in a band (formerly known as Softcore), and all of their friends are in other bands. As a wedding favor they gave out a cd that they produced the night before of a cover of "I Want to Hold You Hand" with vocals by a girl called Miranda Vettrus and a sexy voiced male, James Kenney. For the past few weeks I have been listening to this track quite a bit because James' voice is so dead sexy. While I will share this track with anyone who wants it, I want to mainly introduce to a few people who might enjoy him, James Kenney.

His style, vocal and otherwise, is a little like James Morrison meets Gavin DeGraw. I know he just finished a new album, and I'm really hoping that the lyrics are less like cliche Gavin DeGraw lyrics, the tracks on his myspace page, from his last album, are a little touch and go, but he's worth a listen. Definitely.

And he's got a cute pregnant wife whom he fetches grapes for.

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deanna said...

I listened to the tunes. There is a part in the movie I Spy where Kelly Robinson(Eddie Murphey) is talking Alex (Owen Wilson) through a spot (using spy gadgets of course) with a sexy lady. He talks through the moment by quoting Sexual Healing... Your new singing friend has a song on his profile that totally reminded me of this scene. Loved it.