Monday, August 4, 2008


My dear friend Alister told me a joke one time that has successfully become one of four jokes that I can remember, because I think it is SO FUNNY.

q. Why do hippies wear patchouli?
a. So that blind people can hate them too.

I don’t hate hippies, on the contrary, to each his own. I like to wash my hair and wear clothes made out of non-hemp material, but far be it from me to begrudge anyone either of those things.

That being said, I was at the mall the other day with two of the kids I play with all day. It was cold outside, so we went to play on the indoor play area. One of the other children at the play area was a girl about 4 who had major dreadlocks. Her mother had dreads and under the Rasta style hat, I’m pretty sure her father did as well. If you want your hair to be in dreads fine, but BATHE YOUR CHILDREN! Unless they are doing the backcombing or rub a wool sweater around your head methods, this little girl hasn’t had her hair washed probably since they washed the after birth off of her, (all of those scenarios deserve a call to CSD). Real dreads take time, and this little girl’s dreads were hardcore. I hope she is filled with forgiveness and love, for if she’s not, those parents will have a very angry bald girl on their hands when she decides she wants a clean head.

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deanna said...

Sometimes I walk by a boy in Czech and think 'hey, he's cute for a Czech dude,' then I smell him. Goodgosh. Deoderant is on sale everywhere here but they don't buy it. It's horrible.