Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Covering The Universe

I love good covers. Personal Jesus - Johnny Cash. Can't Get it Out of My Head - John Paul White. Space Oddity - Langley Schools Music Project.

I have to say I tend to be pickier when it comes to covers of Beatles songs. Example: I really like Ben Folds. I LOVE the song Golden Slumbers, but didn't particularly enjoy their convergence. I thought, until this afternoon, it was because I care so deeply about Golden Slumbers that I feel affronted every time I hear Ben warble it out. Not so.

I saw Across The Universe today. I'm not going to tell you what I thought of the movie itself, because I'm still working that out in my mind, but I will tell you that I felt everything that is positive and good while Martin Luther was singing one of my favorite Beatles tunes, While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Martin Luther (while acting apparently he's using his fill name, Martin Luther McCoy) is one of the most talented people around today. I've been a fan of his collaborations with The Roots for a long time, and have just ordered one of his solo albums on amazon, but holy guac - I did not see this coming.

Maybe it's his seamless blending of Babyface and Hendrix, or how he is pure sex. But as far as I'm concerned, listening to that song is four minutes and two seconds of "every strand of me feels weakened by the desire to kiss you."

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