Thursday, July 18, 2013

Molly the hipster

There are a lot of words out there that I would use to describe me -- hipster is not one of them. Sure, you talk to hipsters and they say, "I hate that word." or "I am so not a hipster!" But seriously folks, I am not a hipster.

Why do I bring this up? A few weeks ago, a new team showed up at trivia and sat right next to us. Other than some trivia-related pleasantries, I didn't say much these guys. Come to find out the next day that one member of this team was my friend Shara's co-worker. She relayed to me that I was described as the blonde hipster.* The fact that I was lumped into that particular designation led to a mild existential crisis. Hipster? ME?!?

In order to remedy this head on, I made a chart to determine if I was in fact a hipster.

As expected, the similarities are far out numbered by the dissimilarities. (And really genocide was just a good-faith add. Everyone hates genocide, right?)

So after chart told me that I was more non-hipster than hipster, and with the help of Shara, it was decided that the key indicator to this person that I was a hipster was my glasses. Which I have to say is fair.


 But as a true hipster would point out, I've had thick rimmed glasses since 2000. So really hipsters are copying me. #originalhipster

*If this man knew anything about hipsters, he would know that hipsters aren't blonde--that's an oxymoron in and of itself. Also, he would know I am not one. Unlike my cousin Jill.


Melinda said...

I am semi-obsessed with this chart and keep referring to it to make sure I don't have too many things in the What Hipsters Love column!

It's kind of making me reassess my life to make sure I haven't spiraled into a plaid-y, mustachioed (goodness let's hope not that), foot picture taking mess.

Deanna Watson said...

You're the OH...Original Hipster...with your glasses at least