Sunday, February 10, 2013

"How's that New Year's Resolution working for you?"

was the super-sassy question from Shara yesterday.

The truth is, I have written about fifteen blog posts over the last few weeks, and for whatever reason, they have stayed in their draft versions because I didn't really want to post them. I'll go through them soon and decide if I want to actually share about the time I was an accidental racist at Sephora, or how I finally bought myself a new computer and phone, and was welcomed to 2013 by a couple sassypants girls at church who have been making comments on how old my 3Gs every time I saw them for an exhaustively long time, and when I called them materialistic in a bitter joking way, they then called me materialistic because I went from one Kate Spade phone case to another,* or how song pop is my new favorite app, or one of the dozen of other topics I saw fit to start to share, but then didn't.

But for now, let me tell you that I have been organizing a YSA activity for church for March, and things keep not working out as desired, so we'll see how it actually goes. But yesterday I found this in the course of planning and it totally made my day. 

P.S. his foot is over the line, but I bet old Tricky Dick counted the pins he knocked down on this turn instead of treating it like a foul.

*That's pretty much the gist of that one, except for who cares that I had my phone for 3 years? It still worked, it was still fine.**
 **THAT SAID,  I couldn't turn it off and consequently felt super guilty and anxious about not being the rule-follower I like to be on flights to and from LA in December.


Melinda said...

If it makes you feel any better, I have a hot pink Razor. Yup. Three letters per number button for texting and no apps to speak of. I wonder what those girls would say to me? Looking forward to more of your stories!

John said...

Is it ironic that he looks so wholesome there, bowling in white shirt and tie? I'm pretty sure I used ironic right there, but I depend on you to correct me.