Friday, August 24, 2012

don't forget the computer

While cleaning the garage I found this list on a little piece of paper.

Fact: I have NO IDEA how it came to be in the garage, but before chucking it in to the recycling bin, my brain tried to make sense of the items on the list. This person has their ladder and a pillow, and has to remember to get the computer.

What does one use a ladder, pillow and computer for? Comfort and entertainment/productivity during a little peeping tomming* is the only scenario I can think of. (Telling that my mind went directly to stalking and could not pass go or collect $200, no?)

This then reminded me of that time when Vranes and I were in NYC and we saw a list, I think in the book, but I could be mistaken, a found list combining errands and shopping list items. The one item we giggle incessantly about was "POLISH BOYS" written in all caps. We could not tell if it was a verb or a noun. Are we talking about some young men from Poland, or are we talking about polishing as in a shoe or silver? Either way, kind of a random list item.

*Peeping Tom is still the creepiest movie I have ever seen.

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