Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Glee Recap: Original Song

Tonight I went to the Blazer game instead of being able to watch Glee with my buddies. The game was awesome, but I feel a need to express my thoughts about this episode, and since it's after midnight on a school night and calls probably wouldn't be appreciated, I'm takin' it to the blog. NYMag style.  (Fact: These past few seasons of not watching Gossip Girl have made reading the recap useless, and that makes me sad. But not sad enough to hop back on that train. I don't care how well dressed Blair is and how many Birkins Lily has.)

Just as fabulous as Brittany's floppy hat.
  • Songs from Mercedes & Santana!! I have been eagerly awaiting this, and even though they were original and super silly, I loved hearing their awesome voices solo once again. +5
  • Speaking of, a song called "Trouty Mouth" that opens with the line "Guppy face," Oh Santana, you crack me up. +2
  • And Mercedes rhymed Wheaties with diabetes. GENIUS! +10
  • Puck's song was pretty delightful as well. I especially liked the "you won't make it past age 40" part. +3
  • "Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Fake Boobs." followed by the soiled Brittany saying, "I don't remember putting that in there." Brittany is my absolute favorite. And her favorite song is "My Headband." Way to bring that full circle, writers! +7
  • Kurt singing one of the best Beatles songs ever was a major highlight, but the fact that he was actually singing Blackbird about a's a wash.
  • Sue Silvester was more quietly outrageous than she has been in a while. Throwing sticks at Mercedes and then punching the Lieutenant Governor's wife totally deserve points. +10
  • Speaking of the Lieutenant Governor's wife, "My husband is verbally abusive and I have been drinking since noon." Glee, you're so good with the one-liners. +5
  • Oral Intensity's name. +50
  • Oral Intensity's human formation of the Star of David after their Jesus song!! +10
  • I really liked that a stripper who needed a place to live became a nun. +3
  • Kurt's bedazzled bird casket was delightful, as was his saying that his mom's casket was bigger. Plus the Hamlet reference. +8

Worse than trying to make Quinn's boots happen.
  • Awkwardness between Brittana or Santany(?) - writers, why mess with a good thing? These girls have the greatest comedic chemistry on your show, and now, what? -20
  • Quinn being all insecure and desperate, planning prom 2 months ahead of time so she won't lose Finn? While it may be accurate to the character of a teenage girl, it's obnoxious. -3
  • Blain has the worst song choices! He so would choose than awful Pink song (I know I should be more specific when it comes to awful Pink songs.) But what was that duet that Kurt and Blain did? Snoozefest! -10
  • Wardrobe people - cease and desist with those leggings under the performance dresses. I suppose it made a little sense the last time when Brittany was twirling and flipping everywhere, but no such maneuvers were happening this time, and yet all of those girls were wearing those hideous things. You're so good in EVERY other instance. Please, just stop. -15
  • Kathy Griffin, I don't want to be mean, but what is happening to your face? You were looking really good after your first round of plastic surgeries, and now, eek. -2
  • Directors & Camera operators: STOP CIRCLING. There are other shots. I promise. You folks use it like its going out of style. But it already has. -25
  • There are some things I am willing to suspend my disbelief on, but the multiple foam fingers that Kurt just happened to find in the auditorium. No. Just no! -15
  • Speaking of suspending disbelief, I realize you want things to be dramatic, but every time, you decide the day of, or the day before competition what songs you will sing. This is not how real choirs work. -5
  • Mr. Shue is totally that geek who would be all cheesy and giddy on the phone to his new girlfriend, I'll give you that. But why do you have to make up excuses that she's not there. She's a sub, she doesn't have to be at a meditation retreat to not be there. She could just be at another school. Namaste, but -10
  • Are you trying to drop hints that Kurt is going to transfer back to WMHS? Drama drama drama. -3
  • And in the preview for future shows, Terry is back and she doesn't look preggers. This kind of ruins our forecasting of things to come. I won't take any points off, but it does concern me. 

Overall, a fairly enjoyable episode, but I hope they don't get too comfortable with these original songs. The last thing we need is Tina singing a song about vampires and then breaking into tears.


Melinda said...

I love this! You should do show and movie reviews more often. Totally agree about Gossip Girl. That show has gone downhill and has been for awhile. Also, I'm glad someone else noticed the ugliness of Quinn in those field boots.

kPg said...

I just ranked Glee's 4 competition performances! I judged them based on costume, choreography, vocal performance, and overall impact. Whew, it was really tough for me. See which sectionals or regionals episode placed first! =)

Chefwife said...
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Head Maven said...

I couldn't have been happier for Kurt and Blaine. i just hope the writers don't screw that one up.
Quinn may be a snotty bit&*, but she is right. Rachel is too big for that "settle down" life.
And I am totally over the Lauren/Puck thing. Boring. Move on.