Monday, October 4, 2010

So, last Friday...

Two things happened.

1. The gang went to Greek Fest at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral in NE Portland, and enjoyed the delicious offerings there. Oh loukoumades why are you sooo good? There I spotted a sign. A sign I'd seen before at the Greek Festival, but this time, I clumsily caught it on my iPhone. A sign I'd NEVER see at my church:
I love it!

2. We then went to the Crystal Ballroom for 80s night and had a blast and a half. Shara made eye-contact with a guy as he was walking by. He then said something, but was looking at me, and I was so confused because I didn't see his interaction with Shara. "What just happened?" Becky without missing a beat said, "he was hitting on you, you need to go chase him down." While that M.O. wreaks of desperation, it's not far from the truth. So, next time.


Swindler said...

What?! When did that happen? Fill me in next time we chat dearest :)

lulu123 said...

i LOVE greek festivals. they make every other non-greek festival day worth it.