Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hollywood Crush

I've been getting a lot of flack about saying that Brenden Fraser is my secret celebrity crush, which is I think primarily because these people have not seen "George of the Jungle," but I am not ashamed. I watched "With Honors" about eight hundred times in fifth and sixth grade. And unfortunately for me, I've seen Mrs. Winterbourne more times than I'd care to mention (but know that four of these times were thanks to United Airlines not changing their in-flight movie between trips one summer). Although, my "crush" on Brenden Fraser is not impregnable enough to ever pay to see one of the mummy movies, or that journey to the center of the earth movie, or to really seek him out in any capacity, he is just so goofy.

But I feel like I should mention that my real celebrity crush is Ryan Gosling, and I am all pins and needles about the Dead Man's Bones album coming out. But to tide me over, I'm so glad to hear and see this:


deanna said...

Mine...first time I'm admitting this in Ashton. Mr. Kutcher gets me every time when he sings Bon Jovi in the movie A Lot Like Love.

Analee said...

I cannot get enough of this video! Kudos to you for picking Ryan Gosling as your real celebrity crush: talented (in many ways), good-looking, and dresses so nice. Personally, I'm partial to his best friend the drummer (only because you called dibs on Ryan first).