Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day

I went to the store about a week before father's day to get my dad a card. I couldn't find any that I thought were funny or not cheesy, so didn't make a purchase. "No big deal," I thought, except that I forgot to get a card before father's day and remembered while picking up my brother to go to the celebration. After debating whether or not we should bother (the last time we bothered, we ended up buying my dad a "Participation Award" ribbon) I decided that my mom, in her legion of greeting cards on hand, at least had a blank card we could fill out.

My mother actually had a father's day card, I think it was from 1985 when my grandfather died and she didn't get to send it, or maybe purchased much earlier so as to be prepared. Whatever the case, the card set her back $.50.

The hiccup in this serendipitous event was that the card was father-daughter, not just father-child, so, this is what we did:

We were not going for aesthetically pleasing, or even quality. The card got a lot of laughs, but my guess is that my dad was just glad to not get another participation award.


whitney allison said...

Has your brother lost weight?

Anonymous said...

aww, that's actually endearing...

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deanna said...

my grandma did that all the time. She'd change "happy Bar mitzvah" to "happy birthday, granddaughter" it was my favorite. Bless her soul.