Wednesday, May 21, 2008

June 2, 1997: EXTREME Loathing.

Actual Journal Entry: Episode 3

Names have not been changed, because the owners of said names will never read this.

So, the other day the stake had a youth activity at the beach. It was pretty fun. Pretty uneventful as far as what Alana and I had planned. Oh well.

The worst part was I had to ride back with Becca's sister, Beth who just got home from a mission. We'd never met before, and instead of talking in the back with Brittany and Kalee, I was stuck in front, not really talking, not really doing anything except riding, while Beth listened to "More Than Words" on repeat the whole trip back from the beach. THE WHOLE TRIP. ONE SONG FOR THE WHOLE TRIP! Who does that? I used to like hearing the guitarist's fingers scrape against the strings changing chords in that song, but oh my gosh, if I ever hear that song again I will probable go into cardiac arrest. An hour and a half of Extreme, (and it certainly was!). Sure, I get that she didn't get to listen to fun music on her mission, but oh my gosh, listening to the same song over and over again, especially in front of innocent bystanders is just cruel. Especially "More Than Words". Who does that?

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julianne rose said...

thank you for posting this little piece of molly delight. you make my day lover :)

Britt said...

that's absolutely ridiculous...and something that could only happen to you :)

deanna said...

that song makes me sick because any guy who kinda knows but doesn't really how to play the guitar tries to play that and impress the ladies and only the stupid ones fall for it. S-I-C-K.