Saturday, April 19, 2008

Undated, Spring 2000: The Hickey

Actual Journal Entry: Episode 2
(Again, names have been cleverly changed so as to not piss anyone off.)

The funniest thing happened in Pitzer’s class today. SG showed up with a hickey. I know what you’re thinking – this isn’t funny. But it is, because he got it from KS, eew! R pointed it out and we laughed about it a little too loudly before class, because we had a lot of attention on us. And then I said, “nice hickey” to S and he got all defensive and told me that it was from a vacuum. A VACUUM? HAHAHA! Oh my gosh who does that? 1. Like I’m going to believe that, and 2. Why would he say that? Does that seem like a less embarrassing alternative? Because, newsflash, IT’S NOT!

It still cracks me up that [his mom] told me that she hopes they don’t get married because they would have ugly children. OUCH! His mom said that. They are totally going to get married as soon has he gets home from his mission. I guess [his mom] can't win them all. I can’t believe I liked him for so long. What was I thinking?

***Picture is not of the people in the journal entry, just an image I found online, which seemed to fit pretty well. Also, as a follow up, they did get married and have since had at least one child.

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deanna said...

a hickey is soooo white trash.
maybe fun to give or get but TRASHY.